Early Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Report to Congress. B.   ORGANIZATIONS AND RESOURCES SUPPORTING WtW GRANTS PROGRAM

To make a difference in individual lives, the substantial resources Congress has provided for the WtW program must be deployed effectively at the local level.В  DOL must distribute the $3 billion in funding to the states and to competitive grantees.В  States must distribute at least 85 percent of their formula allocation funds to their substate grantees and decide how to use the 15 percent of their funds over which they have discretion for special projects.В  At the local level, both formula and competitive grantees can use funding from other sources to support complementary services to create comprehensive approaches to addressing participants' employment difficulties.В  The initial evaluation survey provides a basis for documenting some of the basic features of the grantees and the resources that have so far been deployed.В  In this section, information is presented on:

  • The types of organizations serving as WtW grantees;
  • The timing of funding "rollout" to grantees at the local level and the scale of WtW programs; and
  • The extent to which grantees are combining WtW grants with other sources of funding