Early Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Findings From Exploratory Site Visits and Review of Program Plans. APPENDIX B: Summary Characteristics of 22 Selected Local Welfare-to-work Grant Programs

Grantee/SDA Urbanicity Type of WtW Type of Agency Unemployment Rate as of March 1999 Type of Program Program Scale
Competitive­Round Formula 15% Employer Partnership Models Enhanced Public Service/ Supportive Work Experience Other/ General Program (Planned number of participants)
Economic Development Industrial Corp. (Boston, MA) Urban   X   SDA 2.7 X X   800
The Workplace, Inc. (Bridgeport, CT) Urban 1     Non-Profit/ CBO 4.1 X     500
Consortium for Worker Education (New York, NY) Urban 1     Non-Profit/ CBO 6.3 X   X 725
Non-Profit Assistance Corporation (New York, NY) Urban 1     Non-Profit/ CBO 6.3   X Neighborhoods 800
Philadelphia PIC Inc., Transitional Work Corporation (Philadelphia, PA) Urban 1 X X SDA and Non-Profit 4.1   X X 1,090
Human Resources Development Foundation (Morgantown, WV) Rural 2     Non-Profit/ CBO Multisite   X   510
Nashville Career Advancement Center (Nashville, TN) Urban 2 X   SDA 2.7     Satellite one-stop career centers at employment sites 1,875
Private Industry Council For Memphis, Shelby, and Fayette Counties (Memphis, TN) Urban   X   SDA 3.4   X X 2000 to 3000
United Way of Central Alabama Planning and Agency Relations (Birmingham, AL) Medium 1     Non-Profit/ CBO 2.5     Neighborhoods 1,000
DePaul University (Chicago, IL) Urban 1     University 3.8 X   X 3,560
Michigan WORKS! Agency, City of Detroit Employment and Training Department (Detroit, MI) Urban 1 X   SDA 3.8   X   1,700
River Valley Resources (18 Counties, IN) Medium 1 X   SDA Multisite     X 750
Wisconsin Department of Corrections (Milwaukee, WI) Urban   X X Corrections 3.4   X X 400
Dallas County Local Workforce Development Board (Dallas, TX) Urban 2 X   SDA 2.8     Neighborhoods 950
Gulf Coast Houston­Galveston JTPA Programs (Houston, TX) Urban 1 X   SDA 4.0   X X 350 to 400
Tarrant County, The Workforce Network (Fort Worth, TX) Urban 2 X   SDA 2.9     Neighborhoods 600
SDAs 3 & 12: Full Employment Council, Inc. (Kansas City, MO) Urban 2 X   SDA 3.0     Neighborhoods 805
Denver Welfare-to-Work Project: Mayor's Office of Employment and Training (Denver, CO) Urban 2     SDA 2.3   X X 120
Los Angeles County PIC (Los Angeles, CA) Urban 1 X   SDA 6.4       1,625
San Francisco PIC (San Francisco, CA) Urban 1 X   SDA 2.6   X Neighborhoods 1,008
Southern Nevada SDA, Nevada Business Services (Las Vegas, NV) Rural   X   SDA 3.4     X 290
City of Phoenix Human Service Department (Phoenix, AZ) Urban 1 X   SDA 2.8 X     1,600
Tri-Valley Consortium Private Industry Council (Yakima, WA) Medium   X   SDA 3.4     X 350 to 400
Source:  National Evaluation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program, Exploratory Site Visits.