Early Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Report to Congress. Program Startup Is Occurring Mostly in Late 1998 and Early 1999


Since the first grantee survey was designed and conducted as WtW funding was still being distributed to the local level in many states, the survey was planned with the assumption that many survey respondents would not yet be delivering their proposed services.  The survey responses confirm this assumption (Table E.1).  Of the 415 grantees who responded to the survey, half said they had begun delivering WtW services.  Grantees that had not yet begun delivering services were asked when they expected to do so.  The combination of actual reported service start­up dates and projected start­up dates creates a timeline of actual and expected service implementation dates.  Almost two­thirds of the WtW grantees responding to the first survey started or will start their service delivery in the last quarter of 1998 or early 1999.

This result reflects what seems to be about a one­quarter lag (3.6 months) on average between grantees' receipt of their grant notifications and the timing of service startup.  About 41 percent of grantees reported a lag of three months or less between their grant notification and the start of WtW service delivery, but about the same percentage reported a lag of three to six months, and about 17 percent reported lags of more than six months.  Conversations with grantees suggest that this interval is often taken up with the preparations mentioned at the beginning of Section E.



Responding Grantees
Start of Services
WtW Services Begun by Time of Survey?
Yes 49.9
No 50.1
Month/Year of Actual/Expected Start of Services
January­March 1998 or earlier 4.7
April­June 1998 8.6
July­September 1998 21.2
October­December 1998 30.0
January­March 1999 33.3
Later than March 1999 2.2
Projected Enrollment and Enrollment to Date 
Projected Overall Participants to Be Served with WtW Funds 
100 or less 25.8
101 to 250 26.9
251 to 500 21.7
501 to 1,000 14.5
1,001 to 2,000 7.0
More than 2,000 4.1
Projected Number to Be Served:  Average = 537
Median = 229
Percent of Responding Grantees That Had Enrolled Participants by Survey Completion Date 43.4
Number Enrolled per Grantee with Enrollees
1 to 10 10.6
11 to 20 7.1
21 to 50 9.4
51 to 100 10.2
More than 100 6.1
Number of Enrollees per Grantee: Average = 64
Median = 34
Source:  National Evaluation of the Welfare­to­Work Grants Program, First Grantee Survey (November 1998­February 1999).