Early Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Grants Program: Findings From Exploratory Site Visits and Review of Program Plans. C. WtW Local Program Structure and Operations


The role local WtW programs play is likely to be affected by who runs them, and what other program responsibilities the implementing agencies have. Given the various ways local programs can access WtW grant funds, and the prevalence of PIC contracting for delivery of JTPA-funded services, it is not surprising that diverse organizations  not just PICs/WIBs  are involved in the WtW grant-funded programs at the local level. Many PICs also have responsibility for TANF work programs, and some community-based organizations that received competitive grants are also service providers for TANF or JTPA. Therefore, a full understanding of the organizational structure of WtW requires not only identifying grantee organizations, but also considering how WtW service delivery relates to JTPA and TANF programs.