Dynamics of Children's Movement Among the AFDC, Medicaid, and Foster Care Programs Prior to Welfare Reform: 1995–1996. The Study Population


The study population is the same as in the previous section.  Again, we selected a cohort of AFDC recipients participating in years just prior to welfare reform to avoid the effects of the changed policies in each state and the influence of any anticipatory effects.  We chose children who entered AFDC in calendar years 1995 and 1996 and followed them through the end of 1996.

The argument for choosing an entry cohort over a point-in-time cohort and exit cohorts remain the same, except that in the transitions from AFDC, we must look for an AFDC case closing before we can classify a child as being in a Medicaid-only status or not in any program.  The Medicaid eligibility would look the same in the data regardless of whether the family was receiving AFDC or not.