Dynamics of Children's Movement Among the AFDC, Medicaid, and Foster Care Programs Prior to Welfare Reform: 1995–1996. Acknowledgements and Project Collaborators



We would like to acknowledge the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation for this study. Without their support, we would have completed a significantly less adequate study.  The Foundation has had a long-standing commitment to improving the data available to assess child well-being and improving the service systems that help the nation's most vulnerable children.

Without the assistance of the state agencies, this project would also have not been completed.  Mark Testa of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and Peggy Powers, Dave Gruenenfelder, and Linda Brumleve of the Illinois Department of Human Services were instrumental in assisting the researchers at Chapin Hall.  The staff of the California Department of Social Services supported the researchers at U. C. Berkeley.  We also thank staff of the California Department of Social Services and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services and Division of Medicaid Assistance.

Finally, we would like to thank staff at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Laura Radel, the Project Officer, was instrumental in shaping this report and in providing comments on both substance and style.  Earlier discussions with Julie Isaacs, Penny Maza, Don Oellerich, and Matt Stagner were critical in shaping the work and final product.

Project Collaborators

Robert M. Goerge, Principal Investigator, Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago

Illinois:  Bong Joo Lee, Co-P.I., Mairead Reidy, Co-P.I., Lucy Mackey Bilaver; Chapin Hall Center at the University of Chicago

California:  Barbara Needell, Co-P.I., Alan Brookhart, Co-P.I., Seon Lee, Esther Kang, and Michael Armijo; Center for Social Services Research, University of California, Berkeley

North Carolina:  Dean Duncan, Co-P.I., Lynn Usher, Co-P.I.; School of Social Work, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill