Do Services and Staffing in Residential Care Facilities Vary With Residential Needs?. Notes


  1. Behavioral symptoms measured in the survey are: Refusing to take prescribed medicines at the appropriate time or in the prescribed dosage, creating disturbances or being excessively noisy by knocking on doors or yelling, wandering or moving aimlessly about in the building or on the grounds, refusing to bathe or clean oneself, rummaging through or taking other people's belongings, verbally threatening other persons including staff or other residents, removing clothing in public, and making unwanted sexual advances toward staff or other residents.

  2. ADL measures differ between the NSRCF and the Minimum Data Set. The NSRCF measures need for ADL assistance and the Minimum Data Set measures any difficulty for each ADL activity.

  3. Most facilities in the survey offer ADL assistance because offering ADL assistance or health-related services like medication management was a criterion for inclusion in the survey.

  4. Skilled nursing services are those that must be performed by an RN or LPN and are medical in nature.

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