Disabilities Among TANF Recipients: Evidence from the NHIS. Results


We present our findings on TANF recipients with disabilities in three parts. First, we focus on results for eleven different measures of disabilities for adults in families receiving TANF compared to adults in families receiving Food Stamps, low-income single mothers, and all adults. We then present results for two composite measures, a broad definition of disability and a narrow definition of disability. This section allows us to observe the difference in prevalence depending on the measure of disability used and to examine the breadth of ways there are to measure disability. The next section presents results on disability among other family members (adults and children), using a more limited set of measures. We also present composite disability measures including an adult’s own disability and disability among family members. The final section of results presents information on work among TANF recipients with disabilities compared to the other population groups, using three measures of employment for the broad and narrow definition of disability. This allows us to see a more direct connection between disability and work, and the extent to which those reporting disability have lower levels of employment than those without disabilities.

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