Diabetes: A National Plan for Action. Internal Advisory Committee


The NDAP Internal Advisory Committee, comprised of senior officials from the various HHS agencies, provided advice on the scope and content for the plan. In addition, the Advisory Committee provided guidance throughout the NDAP development process and helped to establish the focus and parameters of the plan. The committee also reviewed a draft of the plan and provided input on the recommendations and action steps.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Michael O’Grady, PhD (Committee Chair)
    Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
  • Kevin Keane
    Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
  • Howard Zucker, MD, JD, LLM
    Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Public Health and Science
  • Garth Graham, MD, MPH
    Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, Office of Minority Health, Office of Public Health and Science
  • Nathan Stinson, Jr., PhD, MD, MPH,
    Formerly the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, Office of Minority Health
  • Carolyn Clancy, MD
    Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • John Wren
    Director for Planning and Policy Development, Administration on Aging
  • Frank Vinicor, MD
    Director, Division of Diabetes Translation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Sean Tunis, MD
    Chief Medical Officer/Director, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Lester Crawford, DVM, Ph.D.
    Deputy Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Food and Drug Administration
  • Sam Shekar, MD, MPH
    Associate Administrator, Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Craig Vanderwagen, MD
    Acting Chief Medical Officer, Indian Health Service
  • Allen Spiegel, MD
    Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases National Institutes of Health

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