Diabetes: A National Plan for Action. Appendix C: Development of Diabetes: A National Plan for Action


Prompted by the Secretary’s commitment to disease prevention and health promotion, and efforts of interested individuals and organizations, the creation of Diabetes: A National Plan for Action (hereby referred to as the National Diabetes Action Plan—NDAP) offers an important opportunity to identify and coordinate activities among relevant stakeholders to improve diabetes prevention, detection and care. The development of the action plan reflects the cross cutting interest in this topic and the dedication of many entities to the prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes.

The goals of the NDAP are:

  1. Increase national awareness of diabetes, its impact, and what various stakeholders can do to prevent or manage the disease;
  2. Reduce the prevalence of diabetes and factors that increase the risk of diabetes;
  3. Promote improved detection, monitoring, and treatment of the disease; and
  4. Identify existing public and private efforts to facilitate coordination and to leverage existing resources for detection, prevention, and treatment of diabetes.

The process to develop the NDAP involved:

  1. An Internal Advisory Committee from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS);
  2. A series of three participatory town hall meetings; and
  3. A literature review.

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