Development of a Quality Measure for Adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I. Summary of Site Coordinator Debriefings


Site coordinators provided written feedback at the end of data collection. The following are topic areas of the types of feedback we received:

Technological challenges. Some respondents had difficulty using the online survey links, whereas others found the links to be user-friendly. Both staff and consumer respondents at some sites found it easier to complete paper copies of the surveys.

Survey questions. Some sites found the questions to be too targeted to CPT and prolonged exposure therapy, which could skew the results, since not all clients sampled received that type of treatment. Some site coordinators heard from supervisors and clinicians that the survey questions were a useful reminder to stick to evidence-based treatment and to utilize certain tactics in all sessions. Some clinicians found the questions to be too generic.

Participant hesitance:

  • Clients. Many sites struggled with client hesitance about participating in the study. Some were initially wary of having an observer present during their session or having their session audio taped, but coordinators said that most clients forgot about the observer or audio tape by the end of the session. However, sites reported that, overall, many clients were excited to participate and, despite initial hesitance, were willing to participate if it could help others receive high quality care in the future.

  • Clinicians. Many sites reported that most of the clinicians were cooperative and excited to participate. However, some were hesitant about being observed and some were unclear about what would happen with the results of the survey.

Scheduling and time commitment:

  • Many sites reported that tracking client appointments and client absences and re-schedules was challenging.

  • One site did not fully understand the supervisor time commitment (to observe or review every selected session in its entirety) when they originally agreed to participate.

  • Some sites did not fully understand the site coordinator time commitment, and found that the role was too much for one person. One site mentioned that internal logistics were challenging.

  • One site would have liked more time for data collection.