Development of a Quality Measure for Adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. D. Internal Consistency Results


According to our KR20 analysis, the internal consistency of four out of five latent constructs is between 0.70 and 0.90 (Table V.3; details shown in Appendix J), which is in the "good" to "very good" range (Nunnally and Bernstein 1978). The internal consistency of Factor 4, suicide assessment, is between 0.54 and 0.69, which suggests some items may need revision. On average, we observed the highest reliability across all domains in the supervisor sample, followed by the clinician and client samples.

TABLE V.3. Internal Consistency Results by Factor and Respondent
Respondent Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4 Factor 5
Clinician 0.78 0.83 0.82 0.58 0.81
Supervisor 0.88 0.89 0.85 0.69 0.81
Client 0.77 0.77 0.82 0.54 0.90