Development of a Quality Measure for Adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. APPENDIX F: Data Processing and Flow Chart


FIGURE F.1. Data Processing and Flow Chart
Sample selection form
  • Site submits a sample selection form, which contains information on the clinician's caseload of eligible clients
Selection of the sample
  • Mathematica reviewed the form to select the sample
  • For each clinician, the next upcoming therapy session for three clients were chosen
  • Where possible with the caseload, each client would be at a different stage of treatment - beginning, middle, or end
Prior to the session
  • The selected clients and session dates were securely delivered to the site coordinator
  • Site Coordinators would notify clinicians and supervisors 2 days in advance of the selected session, and send a reminder the morning of the session
  • Site coordinator would present the project to the client, and provide them with a Project Description Handout, a letter invitation to participate, and a hard copy survey with a pre-paid return address envelope if the client preferred to complete on paper
After the session
  • The day after a selected sample session, Mathematica notified the site coordinator when expected surveys were not completed
  • Site coordinators would send reminders to clinicians and clinical supervisors as needed to complete their survey(s)
  • NOTE: If a client needed to re-schedule their therapy session or did not show, the site coordinated alerted the Mathematica team and would select the client's next upcoming session instead