Development of a National Adult Protective Services Data System: Namrs Pilot Final Report (volume 1). Notes


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  3. Oktay, J., & Tompkins, C. (2004). Personal assistance providers' mistreatment of disabled adults. Health and Social Work, 29(3), 177-188. Can be accessed from

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  11. In the pilot, a person was counted as a client each time he or she was the subject of an investigation.

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  13. Throughout this chapter the past tense is used when discussing the NAMRS Pilot. The functionality will, however, in general, be similar in the full implementation NAMRS.

  14. A quick note about the XML Validation: Any state user that is actually developing the XML file may validate the file before uploading it to the website by using an XML validation application and linking to the URL above. There are many XML validation applications available, including free open-source applications. In the future, TA could be provided to states as to how to validate their files before uploading to the NAMRS website, because there will be several advantages to them, if they use such tools.

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