Developing Quality Measures for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia: Final Report. 4. Field-Test Measure Specifications with Key Stakeholders


To inform our understanding of feasibility and usability, we conducted focus groups with: (1) State Medicaid Medical Directors; (2) representatives from MBHOs; and (3) State Mental Health Commissioners and Medical Directors (or their designees). The goal was to obtain feedback on attributes that are reviewed by NQF during the endorsement process, including the importance, usability, and feasibility of the measures. We asked focus group participants about their understanding of the measure specifications; the feasibility of implementing quality data for the measures through a claims-based system, including anticipated operational challenges in collecting and reporting the data; the relevance and importance of the measures to their program or organization; their interest in collecting information and receiving feedback on the measures; and any suggestions for refining the measures.

Focus group testing with the State Medicaid Medical Directors occurred in conjunction with the Medicaid Medical Directors Learning Network meeting in Washington, DC, and 28 states were represented. Representatives of MBHOs were recruited from industry lists; individuals representing commercial and Medicaid plans in six states (Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa) participated. We later added a focus group of state mental health commissioners and medical directors in response to suggestions from ASPE; officials from five states (California, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, and Florida) participated. A memo summarizing our conversations with the focus groups is in Appendix C.

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