Design and Operation of the 2010 National Survey of Residential Care Facilities. REASONS FOR NONRESPONSE


At the close of data collection, 660 remaining viable noninterview cases were reviewed in order to determine the predominant reason for nonresponse. Table D shows the number and percent distribution of these cases by primary reason for nonresponse.

The most prevalent reason directors gave for not participating was because they either did not have time for the interview or for other scheduling reasons (30%). Another 28% of the facilities refused as a result of not obtaining chain or supervisor approval to participate. Other specific reasons given included: directors stating that they either were not interested or would not participate if the survey was voluntary (16%); and recruiters and interviewers being unable to contact the direct successfully during the field period (9%).

TABLE D. Nonresponding Facilities, by Primary Reason for Nonresponse
Nonresponse Reason   Number     Percent Distribution  
All cases 660 100
Scheduling or time reason 196 30
Chain or supervisor refusal 186 28
Not interested/Not if voluntary 107 16
Director always unavailable 57 9
Unable to appoint/reappoint case--other or no reason given   78 12
Other 36 5


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