Design and Operation of the 2010 National Survey of Residential Care Facilities. DATA DISSEMINATION


The 2010 NSRCF data are available in public-use files from the NSRCF website: Two NSRCF data files are being released: facility and resident (December 2011). A limited number of facility-level variables are provided on the resident file (i.e., facility size, chain status, type of ownership, and MSA, except for extra large facilities). Researchers who wish to link other facility-level data to the resident file will need to work through the NCHS Research Data Center (RDC). Some data items collected during the interview do not appear on the public-use file because they are restricted. Restricted variables include indirect identifiers, such as state, geographic region, specific numeric variables (e.g., total number of rooms or apartments, number of beds, number of residents with certain health conditions), detailed race/ethnicity, and other sensitive variables. These indirect identifiers could compromise the confidentiality of survey respondents. For other variables, response categories were collapsed, top coded, and bottom coded. A complete list of restricted NSRCF variables is available from: RDC allows researchers under RDC supervision to access confidential statistical microdata files, including restricted variables or restricted data linkage products. Researchers must submit a proposal for review and approval prior to using the RDC. Additional information on the NCHS RDC, fees, and procedures for access to linked data files is available from: Questions about these data may be directed to the NCHS Office of Information Services, Information Dissemination Staff, at 1-800-232-4363 or, or to the Long-term Care Statistics Branch at 301-458-4747.

Also available from are NSRCF questionnaires, data dictionaries, and survey methodology and documentation. The survey methodology and documentation overview--which is based on this methods report--briefly describes the survey, sampling design, sampling frame, scope of survey, data collection procedures, estimation procedures, and reliability of estimates.

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