A Description of Board and Care Facilities, Operators, and Residents. 6.8 Psychotropic Drug Use


Approximately 43 percent of board and care residents were prescribed and 41 percent used at least one psychotropic agent, primarily on a routinely scheduled basis. On average, residents were prescribed 0.64 (SE = 0.06) and used 0.59 (SE = 0.05) different psychotropic drugs. While some residents used no psychotropics, others use as many as six. Five percent of residents were prescribed and 4 percent used three or more different psychotropic drugs.

EXHIBIT 6-11. Residents with No Telephone Contact with Friends or Relative in Past 30 Days

EXHIBIT 6-11. Residents with No Telephone Contact with Friends or Relative in Past 30 Days

Antipsychotics were prescribed and used by slightly more than one-fifth of the residents with about half of these using such high-potency antipsychotics as fluphenanize and haloperidol. Sixteen percent of the residents used antidepressants, while slightly fewer, 14 percent, used anxiolytics, sedatives, or hypnotics. Half of the residents who used psychotropic drugs did not use mental health services in the previous year; one-fourth of these users had no psychiatric history.

EXHIBIT 6-12. Resident Satisfaction with Facility Environment
  Total Population
  %     SE  
Safety of possessionsa
Not safe 7 1.0
Safe some of the time 10 1.1
Safe all/most of the time 84 1.3
Safety of neighborhooda
Not safe 3 0.6
Safe some of the time 10 0.9
Safe all/most of the time 87 1.1
Allowed privacy in room 93 1.5
Allowed to make telephone calls in private/do not use phone 96 1.9
Receive mail unopened/do not get mail 99 0.7
Receive inadequate help witha
Dressing 4 1.2
Toileting 2 0.6
Locomotion 4 2.1
Transferring 11 3.3
Eating 0 0.0
Reluctance to voice a complainta
Very reluctant 8 0.9
Somewhat reluctant 18 1.1
Not at all reluctant 73 1.6
Would report concerns toa
Operator/manager 37 3.2
Owner 10 0.9
Other staff member 10 0.8
Ombudsman/legal aid 2 0.5
Other 21 1.6
No one 3 0.5
Required to do 4 1.0
Allowed to do 55 4.1
Neither 38 4.1
  1. These analyses do not include residents who required a proxy respondent.


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