A Description of Board and Care Facilities, Operators, and Residents. 6.7 Resident Satisfaction


Most board and care residents seemed to feel that they are safe and that their needs are adequately met. Overwhelmingly residents who were able to respond for themselves reported that they rarely or never went without needed assistance with activities of daily living (Exhibit 6-12). Less than 5 percent of residents felt that they could use more assistance in dressing, toileting, locomotion, or eating than they received. Additionally, almost all residents reported that they were allowed to make telephone calls in private, that they received their mail unopened, that they were allowed privacy in their own rooms, that they were not required to do chores, and that they feel their possessions are safe.

EXHIBIT 6-10. Resident Social Interactions
  Total Population
  %     SE  
Number of times resident left the home in the last 14 days
None 36 2.8
1-2 25 1.0
3-5 14 1.2
6+ 15 1.4
Daily 11 1.3
Number of times the resident visited friends/relatives in past 30 days
None 19 1.5
1-2 24 1.6
3-5 27 1.0
6+ 23 2.5
Daily 6 0.7
Number of times the resident telephoned friends/relatives in past 30 days
None 29 2.7
1-2 29 2.3
3-5 18 1.6
6+ 17 1.2
Daily 17 1.7
Amount of time the resident is involved in activities in the home
None 6 1.4
Some of the time 43 3.3
Most of the time 35 2.3
All of the time 16 2.8

Perhaps the degree to which residents feel secure in their current living situation is represented by their willingness to voice complaints. Close to three-fourths of the residents reported that they were not reluctant at all to express a complaint should they have one. Less than 10 percent felt very constrained to complain. However, it should be noted that only 57 percent would express their concerns to the operator or another staff person. One 2 percent reported that they would confide in an ombudsman or representative from legal aid.

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