A Description of Board and Care Facilities, Operators, and Residents. 6.6 Social Interactions


Although board and care residents were not totally isolated from their community, family, and friends, they certainly were not an integral part of the community either (Exhibit 6-10). Close to 40 percent of the residents reported that they had not left the home in the past 14 days, with another fourth of the residents having left only one or two times in the past 2 weeks. Given this tendency to remain in the facility, it is not surprising that over a third of the residents would like to have participated in activities outside of the facility more than they did.

Visits with family and friends, either inside or outside the home, during the preceding 30 days were rare for a substantial proportion of the residents. Almost 20 percent of residents had no visits and another 24 percent visited with family or friends only one or two times during this time period. The frequency of telephone contact was very similar except that close to 20 percent of residents reported daily telephone contact compared to only 6 percent reporting daily visits. Lack of telephone contact with family and friends was somewhat higher in mid-sized and large licensed homes than among residents of comparable unlicensed homes (Exhibit 6-11).

Resident activity level within the home provides some insight into the degree to which facility residents interacted with each other. Only 6 percent of residents reported no involvement with facility activities, while over half of the residents were involved in some type of activity either all or most of their waking hours (Exhibit 6-10).

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