A Description of Board and Care Facilities, Operators, and Residents. 5.1 Demographics


5.1.1 Age

Almost half of the board and care home staff members (47 percent) were between the ages of 35 and 54. Another 29 percent were younger than 35, including 10 percent who were younger than 25. Only 6 percent were 65 or older. The mean age of staff in board and care homes was 43 (Exhibit 5-1).

Licensed facilities employed more very young staff members (<25 years of age) than unlicensed facilities (10 vs. 1 percent). Unlicensed facilities employed slightly more elderly staff members than licensed facilities (9 vs. 6 percent).

Large facilities employed more young and fewer elderly staff members than small facilities. Large facilities were three times more likely to employ very young staff; 10 percent of staff in small facilities were age 65 or older, compared with only 4 percent of staff in large facilities (Exhibit 5-2). The mean age of staff was 41 in large facilities and 47 in small facilities.

5.1.2 Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

Board and care staff were primarily white (62 percent) and overwhelmingly female (90 percent). Only 11 percent of the board and care home staff members were Hispanic. There was virtually no difference between the racial/ethnic staff distributions by licensure size. Staffing characteristics, however, did differ by size of the home. Large facilities employed more white staff members than small facilities (72 vs. 53 percent), while small facilities employed more Asians or Pacific Islanders than large facilities (18 vs. 3 percent).

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