A Description of Board and Care Facilities, Operators, and Residents. 2.6 Data Collection


During the summer and early fall of 1993, RTI field interviewers (FIs) conducted in-person interviews in the sampled facilities with operators, staff, and residents in 10 States. In addition, interviewers followed a protocol to conduct a structured observational “walk-through” of the home, rating various qualities of the facility. We conducted site visits to 386 licensed and 126 unlicensed board and care homes. In these visits, we conducted interviews with 490 operators, 1,138 staff, and 3,257 residents and observed the physical environment and care of residents in each facility.

A detailed summary of the topics and items covered during each interview and the structured walk-through observation can be found in the technical report, Project Study Methods (RTI, 1995).

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