Description and Assessment of State Approaches to Diversion Programs and Activities Under Welfare Reform. Notes


1. It is important to note that Minnesota includes cash value of Food Stamps when calculating the maximum amount for lump sum payment which is $3052.

2. It is useful to point out the distinction between the eligibility criteria in ten states that require applicants to have work-related needs and the restrictions on how lump sum payments can be used in five states that require work-related needs. In five states with the work-related eligibility but not the work-related restriction on lump sum payments, while applicants must have work-related needs, the lump sum payments can also be used for other needs.

3. In practice, it is very rare that families in Utah receive lump sum payments as frequently as every four months.

4. Wisconsin requires a minimum of 25 percent repayment in cash. The remaining 75 percent can be repaid either in cash or through "good works" in the community.

5. As noted above, it is expected that the counties in Colorado and Texas will impose specific periods of ineligibility for TANF assistance.

6. Colorado is again included in this list. Although no specific provisions are shown in Table 2, it is assumed that the counties in this state will require repayment for reapplication during the period of ineligibility.

7. North Carolina reportedly will enact legislation in 1998 changing this policy and providing for no repayment