A Demographic Snapshot of Disconnected Low-Income Men. The Vast Majority of Low-Income Men Live in Metropolitan Areas


Almost all low-income men (93 percent, or 13.9 million) live in metropolitan areas. And, 57 percent of low-income men (or 8.5 million) live in just 10 states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. This brief calls this group the “top 10 states” (table 1).

Table 1. States with the Most Low-Income Men

State Number
Total, top 10 states 8,488,993
Total, United States 14,967,262
1. California 2,070,553
2. Texas 1,488,313
3. Florida 954,954
4. New York 823,623
5. Illinois 565,278
6. Ohio 539,871
7. Georgia 533,939
8. North Carolina 513,019
9. Michigan 503,737
10. Pennsylvania 495,706

Figure 1. Number of Low-Income Men by Metropolitan Area, 2008–10

Figure 1. Number of Low-Income Men by Metropolitan Area, 2008–10

Source: ASPE tabulations of the American Community Survey (2008–10).

Note: Low-income men are age 18–44, live in families with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and do not have four-year college degrees.

Although metropolitan areas may have a sizeable num-ber of low-income men, who they are and where they live within the metropolitan area varies in important ways that could have implications for federal, state, and local policy, including social service delivery and job creation.

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