Costs of Mandatory Education and Training Programs for Teenage Parents on Welfare: Lessons from the Teenage Parent Demonstration. Reference Period


The cost analysis focuses on fiscal year 1989 -- the period of July 1988 through June 1989 -- for two reasons.  First, this period was late enough in the demonstration to represent a year of stable program operations, when the demonstration programs most closely resembled ongoing programs, but early enough that demonstration operations at the sites still included enrollment of new participants.(1)  Second, this period coincides with the fiscal year in both New Jersey and Illinois, which simplifies some aspects of data collection.

During the year we selected to measure program costs, Project Advance and Teen Progress served teenage parents with varying tenures in the program.  Some had entered the program before the start of fiscal year 1989 and continued to be served during the year.  Others entered the program at various points during the year.  Thus, estimated costs represent a composite of continuing services to participants already established in ongoing activities, initial services to new enrollees, and the process of identifying eligible teenage parents, calling them in, and conducting intake.(2)