Costs of Mandatory Education and Training Programs for Teenage Parents on Welfare: Lessons from the Teenage Parent Demonstration. Cost Estimates as Input to Benefit/Cost Analysis


The cost estimates presented here are a partial step towards the information needed for the benefit/cost analysis.  To compare program benefits and costs, we must be able to quantify the incremental cost of the demonstration services provided to members of the program sample as compared to services received by the control group, over a consistently defined follow-up period.  Using demonstration participant tracking data, we can estimate the costs of only those services that the enhanced-services program sample received from or through the demonstration program while they were receiving AFDC.  Program data do not allow us to identify services received from other sources.  For the benefit/cost analysis, therefore, we will supplement estimates of demonstration program costs for the enhanced-services program sample with more comprehensive estimates of service utilization, based on follow-up interviews.  These total service costs will be compared to the estimated cost of services reported by control group members in their follow-up interviews.