Core Performance Indicators for Homeless-Serving Programs Administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Discussion Guide for Telephone Interviews with Administrators of HADS


Questions/Topics to Discuss During Telephone Interviews with HADS Registry Systems


  1. What is name of the system?
  2. What year was the system developed?
  3. Why was the system developed?
  4. Who (what agency) maintains the system)?
  5. Are there other partnering agencies (and if so, what agencies)?
  6. Who is the data maintained on (e.g., what group of homeless individuals)?
  7. How many individuals have been entered into the system since its inception?
  8. What data items do you collect on each individual (e.g., demographics, services received, outcomes)?
    1. Could you send a list of data elements?
    2. Could you provide a copy of manual forms used to collected data?
  9. At what point(s) are data collected from participants? (e.g., at intake/assessment, at regular intervals during participants involvement, at case closure, after case closure)?
  10. Who (what agencies or programs) collect the data?
  11. Who (what agencies or programs) enters data into the registry system?
  12. Into what software is the data entered (e.g., proprietary software, off-the-shelf software)?
  13. Is the system accessible via the Internet (if so, to who is it accessible and at what web address)?
  14. What is done with the data once it is entered into the system?
    1. Is it used for reporting purposes?
    2. Could you provide a copy of sample reports generated by the system?
  15. What have been the overall benefits of the system?
  16. What does it cost to operate the system? Where does funding come from to cover these costs?
  17. Did you run into any particular challenges/problems in developing or implementing the system?
  18. Would it be okay if we were to visit to learn more about the system and its uses? If so, when would it be convenient for us to visit?
  19. Could you please send any additional background documentation on the system to us?



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