Core Health Data Elements: Report of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. Core Health Data Elements (listed by readiness for implementation)


Elements Ready for Implementation

2. Date of Birth

3. Gender

4. Race and Ethnicity

5. Residence

6. Marital Status

10. Years of Schooling

11. Patient's Relationship to Subscriber/Person Eligible for Entitlement

14. Admission Date (inpatient)

15. Discharge Date (inpatient)

16. Date of Encounter (outpatient and physician services)

20. Location or Address of Encounter (outpatient)

24. Principal Diagnosis (inpatient)

25. Primary Diagnosis (inpatient)

26. Other Diagnoses (inpatient)

27. Qualifier for Other Diagnoses (inpatient)

29. Diagnosis Chiefly Responsible for Services Provided (outpatient)

30. Other Diagnoses (outpatient)

31. External Cause of Injury

32. Birth Weight of Newborn

33. Principal Procedure (inpatient)

34. Other Procedures (inpatient)

35. Dates of Procedures (inpatient)

36. Procedures and Services (outpatient)

37. Medications Prescribed

39. Disposition (outpatient)

41. Injury Related to Employment

Elements Substantially Ready for Implementation, but need some added work:

7. Living/Residential Arrangement

17. Facility Identification

18. Type of Facility/Place of Encounter

19. Health Care Practitioner Identification (outpatient)

21. Attending Physician Identification (inpatient)

22. Operating Clinician Identification (inpatient)

23. Health Care Practitioner Specialty

38. Disposition of Patient (inpatient)

40. Patient's Expected Sources of Payment

42. Total Billed Charges

Elements which require a substantial amount of study and evaluation:

1. Personal/Unique Identifier

8. Self-Reported Health Status

9. Functional Status

12. Current or Most Recent Occupation and Industry

13. Type of Encounter

28. Patient's Stated Reason for Visit or Chief Complaint (outpatient)