Coordination of Care for Persons with Disabilities Enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care: A Conceptual Framework to Guide the Development of Measures. IX. CONCLUSIONS AND NEXT STEPS


This conceptual framework was prepared in collaboration with our TEP, our TAG, and staff at ASPE and the CHCS. Its development has forced us, as researchers, to think and rethink again what we and others mean when they use the term care coordination.

The conceptual framework will be used as a template to develop measures of care coordination. Specifically, we will review all existing measures for items which correspond to the long-term outcomes, short-term outcomes, and processes and structures which we have identified as being important to care coordination. Where such measures do not exist, we will develop them or revise them from other instruments. Draft measures will be reviewed by the TEP, the AG, and ASPE and CHCS. When we have a revised and final set of measures, we will test the feasibility of their use by conducting interviews with appropriate state and MCO staff.

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