Coordinated Community Responses to Domestic Violence in Six Communities: Beyond the Justice System. The Family Violence Council


The Family Violence Council counts among its members representatives from every potentially relevant element of the Range community, including schools, social services, health professionals, batterer intervention services, chemical dependency treatment providers, representatives of the business community, and women who have been battered as well as RWA and all criminal justice agencies. The Family Violence Council (which has recently taken on the broader focus of preventing all violence, not just woman battering) has three committees. Public relations/outreach is trying to increase the participation of the business community in combating violence, after which it will target human services providers and the schools. The protocol committee is developing procedures to screen for domestic violence, for use by health, social services, and employee assistance programs. The education/prevention committee will begin by doing a mail survey to determine community attitudes and beliefs about violence, perceptions of the levels of violence in the community, and perceptions of how important it is as a problem, tolerance for violence, and other issues.