Consumer Use of Computerized Applications to Address Health and Health Care Needs. Race and ethnicity


There is little evidence that among internet users, the percentage who look for health information varies widely along racial and ethnic lines. One study found that 59.5% of nonHispanic white respondents had looked for medical information for themselves, while around 53-54% of Hispanic and nonHispanic black respondents had.[177] The results from the MedlinePlus user study are more striking with 77% of the users identifying their race as white and only 5% calling themselves black or African American. [178] In that study the vast majority—93%—described their ethnicity as nonHispanic.[‡] However, one expert pointed out that among Hispanics there appears to be a difference based on language skills. Perhaps because there is a limited number of online health resources in Spanish, those who speak Spanish as their main language lag behind others. However, bilingual Hispanics have information-seeking rates that more closely match individuals in other ethnic groups.

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