Consumer Use of Computerized Applications to Address Health and Health Care Needs. Communicate with relatives, friends, and other patients


Online support groups appear to only attract a very small number of individuals. In the 2003 and 2005 HINTS surveys, 3.9% of respondents reported participating in online support groups.[118] Research on PatientsLikeMe yields similar results; a year and a half after its community for individuals with ALS was launched, about 4% (1,140 individuals) of the estimated U.S. population of individuals with the condition, had enrolled.[119] However, even if not formally participating in a support group, the web allows individuals to connect with others around health issues. Almost one-quarter of adults use the internet or email as a means of communicating with relatives or friends about health or health care and 11% had used online communications to interact with people with similar health issues.[120]

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