Consumer Use of Computerized Applications to Address Health and Health Care Needs. Appendix: Sample of questions and topics covered by national surveys


Survey Group Questions/Topics Covered Year(s) Asked
The Center for the Digital Future, University of Southern California Annenberg School
Do you use the Internet as a source of health or medical information? 2004
Reasons for seeking health or medical information on the Internet 2004
How do you find online information? 2004
Are you confident in your ability to find health information online? 2004
Views about Internet searches for health or medical information 2004
What Internet users do with the health information they find 2004
Email communication with heath care professionals? 2002, 2003, 2006
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Ever looked online for information about…? [range of health and health care topics] 2006
Online information affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition? 2006
Led you to ask a doctor new questions or to get a second opinion from another doctor? 2006
Changed the way you cope with a chronic condition or manage pain? 2006
Changed the way you think about diet, exercise, or stress management? 2006
Changed overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone they help take care of? 2006
Affected a decision about whether to see a doctor? 2006
Chronic condition (online information)? 2006
Positive experience (online health) 2006
Check date of online source? 2006
Serious diagnosis and impact (online health information)? 2006
Recently challenged or diagnosed e-patients? 2006
Which internet health resources? 2003
Prescription drugs online? 2004
Look for health/medical info (daily and overall)? 2000-2008
Participate in an online discussion, a list serve, or other online group forum that helps people with personal issues or health problems (daily and overall)? 2006
Ever look for information about a mental health issue like depression or anxiety (daily and overall)? 2002
National Cancer Institute, Health Information National Trends Survey
On a typical weekday, about how many hours do you use the Internet for personal reasons? 2005
Have you ever visited an Internet web site to learn specifically about cancer? 2003, 2005
How useful was the cancer-related information you got from the Internet? 2003, 2005
Past 12 months only, how much have you heard about nutrition and cancer on the Internet? 2005
Go on-line to use the Internet or World Wide Web, or to send and receive e-mail? 2003, 2005
Where do you use the Internet from most often? 2005
Where do you go on-line from to use the Internet? 2005
At home access through telephone modem, a cable or satellite modem, a DSL modem, a wireless device such as a PDA, or some other way? 2003, 2005
Trust information about health or medical topics on the Internet? 2003, 2005
During a typical weekend, about how many hours do you use the Internet for personal reasons? 2005
In the past 12 months looked for health or medical information for yourself? 2003, 2005
Used e-mail or the Internet to communicate with a doctor or a doctor's office? 2003, 2005
Done anything else health-related on the Internet? 2003
Have you done the following things while using the Internet? Bought medicine or vitamins on-line? 2003
Did you use the Internet, whether from home or somewhere else to look for health or medical information for someone else? 2003
By using an interactive computer CD-ROM that lets you select information you want? 2003
Is there an internet site you especially like? [As a source of information about cancer] 2003
People get information about cancer, including how to prevent it and find it early, from many sources... How about by email or the internet? 2003
When you talked with a health care provider, how interested were they in hearing about the information you found on-line? 2005
Have you ever talked to a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider about any kind of health information you have gotten from the Internet? 2005
NORC, General Social Survey
In the past 30 days, how often have you visited a website for health and fitness? 2000, 2002, 2004
Do you look for online information about a health concern or medical problem? 2000
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation 
Go online to an Internet web site that posts quality information about quality do doctors, hospitals and health plans? 1996, 2000, 2004
Do you trust each of the following sources to provide accurate information about…prescription drugs? Health websites on the Internet? 2000
National Center for Health Statistics, National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
Physician and patient encounters online during last week of practice 2003-2004, 2005-2006

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