Consumer Protection in Private Health Insurance: The Role of Consumer Complaints. Appendix 1 - List of Interviewees



Judy Penman Supervisor
Consumer Communications Bureau California Department of Insurance 
Phone: (213) 346-6817

Peter Lee
Executive Director
Center for Health Care Rights 
Phone: (213) 383-4519


Joy Hatchette, Associate Commissioner, Consumer Complaints
Louis S. Butler, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Life and Health Section 
Melanie Brown, Investigator, Life and Health Section 
Maryland Insurance Administration 
Phone: (410) 468-2029

Kevin Simpson 
Health Education and Advocacy Unit 
Office of the Attorney General
Phone: (410) 576-6563

New York

Salvatore Castiglione,Chief Insurance Examiner 2
Merline Smith, Consumer Services Bureau 
Consumer Services Bureau
Mitchel Gennaoui, Chief Insurance Examiner 3, Consumer Services Bureau 
New York Department of Insurance 
Phone: (212) 480-6400


Larry Culbertson, Manager, Consumer Assistance Unit 
Kathleen Barrie, Consumer Advocate
Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services 
Insurance Division 
Phone: (503) 947-7269


Audrey Selden, Associate Commissioner, Consumer Protection 
Mike Jackson, Director, Life, Accident & Health Complaints Resolution, Consumer Protection 
Melissa Hield, Team Leader, Special Work Assignments Team, Consumer Protection 
Texas Department of Insurance 
Phone: (512) 322-4309

Blake Brodersen, Deputy Commissioner, HMO Division 
Cady Crisman, Director, Quality Assurance 
Jo Anne Todd, Manager, HMO Complaints
Texas Department of Insurance
Phone: (512) 475-1962 

Rod Bordelon 
Public Counsel 
Office of Public Insurance Council
Phone: (512) 322-4181


Donna Sutton Fay 
Health Care Ombudsman 
Office of Health Care Ombudsman
Phone: (802) 863-2316

Jane Baird, Director Quality Improvement and Consumer Protection 
Pat Jones, Health Care Administrator 
Nicole Weidman, Consumer Services Specialist, Consumer Hotline
Division of Health Care Administration
Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration 
Phone: (802) 828-2923


Caterpillar Inc.

William R Beale 
Health Care Initiatives Manager 
Plan Design, Compensation and Benefits
Phone: (309) 675-4897

DaimlerChrysler Corporation

Walter B. Maher
Vice President, Public Policy 
Phone: (202) 414-6731

Ronald D. Gurdak 
Senior Manager, Health Care 
Group Insurance & Health Promotion
Phone: (248) 512-2498


Randy Johnson
Director, North America Rewards 
Phone: (847) 576-4299