Consumer and Counselor Experiences in the Arkansas IndependentChoices Program. Sources and Methodology


Data and information for this report come from (1) on-site discussions with program staff conducted in March 2000;4 (2) a mail survey of program counselors conducted in May and June 2000; (3) telephone interviews with consumers when they enrolled in the demonstration, and four months and nine months later; and (4) data the IndependentChoices program supplied. The report also incorporates the insights of National Program Office staff.

In addition to describing the implementation of IndependentChoices from the perspective of state program staff, this report includes a primarily descriptive examination of consumer and counselor interview responses and program data. We used regression analysis, however, to assess whether certain consumer characteristics affected their experiences and satisfaction with the program, by controlling for other factors on which consumer groups might differ. The regressions included a set of explanatory variables drawn largely from baseline interview data. The report presents selected statistics but references additional tables in the appendix.

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