A Compendium of Current Federal Initiatives in Response to the Olmstead Decision. DISABILITY ADVOCACY IN A POST-OLMSTEAD ENVIRONMENT


Funding Organizations:

  • Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)
  • Department of Education (DoE)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Implementing Organizations:

  • Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
  • Brain Injury Association


The purpose of this project is to hold regional training conferences on the Olmstead decision that have a primary audience of state advocacy leaders and a secondary audience of legislators, legislative staff, Governor's office representatives, Medicaid officials and other state officials.


This project entails working with experts to: develop, test, and fine-tune national training materials and identify and select regional training materials; plan training conferences; identify attendees; and hold five regional conferences. Specific activities are presented below.

  • A conference of experts was held in February 2001, where presentation materials for each segment of the training were reviewed and fine-tuned. In addition, the potential resource materials for use in the regional training sessions were identified, and material selections were made. The purpose of this conference was to ensure superior training in the regional Olmstead decision training sessions by subjecting the agenda and proposed content to a complete review by experts in the field and by providing an orientation for those who will conduct the training.

  • Five regional Olmstead training conferences are planned by October 2001. Individual advocates will be invited to participate in the regional conferences, with participation limited to approximately 80 advocates in each session. Nominees for participation must be individuals who are leaders in state advocacy, and who have the full support of one or more key organizations representing people with disabilities. In addition, a smaller number of state legislators, legislative staff, Governor's office representatives, Medicaid officials and other state officials will be invited to participate. The first session was held from March 28-30 in Houston, Texas and attracted over 80 participants. The tentative schedule for the remaining sessions is as follows:
    • June 28-30, Atlanta, GA
    • July 18-20, Kansas City, MO
    • August 14-16, Portland, OR
    • October 1-3, Hartford, CT

    The proposed agenda items for the regional conferences are as follows:

    • Olmstead Overview
    • Medicaid and Individual Long-Term Supports
    • Best practices using Medicaid
    • Working Together at the State Level
    • Fiscal Intermediaries
    • Nurse/Doctor Delegation/Assignment
    • Accessible/Affordable Housing
    • Home Health
    • Cash and Counseling
    • PAC/PC Option
    • Waivers
    • Moving to the Community
    • Olmstead: Components of a Comprehensive Plan
    • Role of Stakeholders
    • Developing Statewide Coalitions
    • State Strategies: Caucuses and Reports

Contact Information:

Richard Petty, Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, 1333 Moursund, Houston, TX 77030

Allan Bergman, President and CEO, Brain Injury Association, Inc., 105 North Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703)236-6000

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