Community Services and Long-Term Care: Issues of Negligence and Liability. List of Cases


  • Injury to client involving informal helper: The Bathtub Slip, Trip and Fall Case
  • Helper steals client’s property: The Stolen Ming Vase Case
  • Helper is felon: The Ming Vase Conspiracy Case
  • Helper accused of theft; The Ming Vase Case #2
  • VNA trains helper to administer medication, adverse drug reaction: The Drug Reaction Case
  • Helper administers incorrect medication: The Hasty Helper Case
  • Helper lifts client improperly/client hurt: The Dropped Client Case
  • Helper lifts client/helper hurt: The Helper’s Hernia Case
  • Helper moves furniture/client injured: The Tidy Helper Case
  • Helper leaves door open: The Frozen Pipes Case
  • Helper assists client with finances: The Checkbook Assistance Case
  • Client’s pet is injured: The Pet Dog Case
  • Reduction of formal service/informal helper fails to follow medication protocol: The Eyedrops Case
  • Reduction information service/shift to informal helper/client’s condition worsens: The Reduced Service Case
  • Volunteer damages car, injures self on route to client’s home: The Volunteer Driver Case #1
  • Volunteer damages car and injures self on errand for client: The Volunteer Driver Case #2
  • Informal helper mugged while leaving client’s home: The Mugged Informal Helper Case
  • Volunteer in accident while transporting client: The Volunteer Driver Case #3
  • Volunteer escorts client/client falls: The Stumbling Client Case
  • Formal Provider/injury to client: The Rough P.T. Case
  • Client initially agrees to participate in client payment program, then refuses: The Deadbeat Client Case
  • Emergencies after channeling agency hours: The After Hours Emergency Case
  • Responsibility at hospital admission: The Hospital Admissions Papers Case

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