Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. Timeframe of Intakes by Site


The CRRI contract called for sites to begin enrolling clients no later than 4 months after the grant award date (September 2010). Nevertheless, sites varied slightly as to when they began implementing their programs. The graphs in Figure 4-3 indicate the "flow" of the intakes in each site over the length of the project. Fall River began enrolling clients on January 24, 2011. Lorain began a month later, on February 26, 2011.

For both of these sites, the figures indicate that a surge in enrollments began a couple of months later. In Union City, the program enrolled its first young person on February 24, 2011, followed a week later by its first adult (March 2, 2011). Data suggest that once Union City began full implementation of its program, it began enrolling a large number of youth and adult clients.

The reader also will note that follow-up activities (noted by the red lines in the graph) are seen typically 6 months after each of the intakes surges. However, as noted in Section 4.1, the ability to conduct follow-up interviews early in the program varied across the sites. Fall River, for example, used a case management approach that allowed for a nearly seamless follow-up process. Lorain's first follow-up peak occurred 6 months after its program began, although had a lower amplitude than its preceding intake pattern. Likely this drop-off can be accounted for by the premature enrollment of clients, which resulted in a high loss to follow-up rate. Lorain changed its enrollment policy in response, and the graph clearly illustrates how successful this new process was. Finally, in Union City, there is a noticeable lag in follow-up activities early in the program's implementation. As noted, staff also reported enrolling clients prematurely and were not certain about the need to conduct follow-up interviews. Once this grant requirement was clarified, staff reportedly tracked down many of these early clients and conducted follow-up interviews. This perhaps accounts for the significant increase in follow-ups in the spring and early summer of 2012.


FIGURE 4-3 Site Intake and Follow-Up Records by Month





Union City's program ended earlier than the other two sites, thus the latest intake records Westat received for this grantee were dated March 15, 2013 and April 24, 2013 for youth and adults, respectively. For Fall River, the latest intake record was dated June 14, 2013 and for Lorain the last record was received on June 26, 2013. Follow-up interviews trailed off accordingly.

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