Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. Sustainability


Although funds are not available to continue several of the positions funded through the CRRI grant, there are several aspects of PRIDE that will continue to positively impact the community. For example, the project director reported that the PRIDE program has had significant impacts on the service delivery system in Lorain, with participating agencies developing new capabilities from having trained and worked on PRIDE. In addition, community partnerships helped to carry on some of the project tasks. For example, the United Way took over distribution of the updated community resource guide developed by PRIDE. In addition, PRIDE was able to fund some additional JOBS training from the University of Michigan and invited new community partners to attend. The training was provided for existing agencies providing employment services, such as Goodwill, as well as for representatives from the faith community and the Urban League. At the time of the final site visit, the Urban League had scheduled a JOBS session led by a staff person who attended the training.

Lorain is facing several context changes that will impact service delivery in as yet unpredictable ways. The State of Ohio is merging substance use and mental health services agencies. There was concern expressed by the ADAS director that mental health services for teens will disappear in favor of more substance use services. It is not clear how funds will be allocated under the merger. In addition, and at the local level, the Lorain County health department, which was defunded during the Great Recession, will be merged with the Elyria County health department. How that will play out was unknown at the time of the third site visit.

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