Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. Service Development and Delivery


Lorain's PRIDE offered citizens access to an array of existing services in the community, such as behavioral health services, family strengthening, employment services, and transportation support. Two of the PRIDE services exceeded their grant target in number served, the TSF and the CAST program for teens. The JOBS program served the greatest number of people in Lorain but ended up serving less than the targeted number of clients. Lorain noted a problem with the enrollment of clients into some of the other services offered. For example, enrollment into the Strengthening Families was difficult as many individuals felt the program was too long and less important when in the midst of a job-seeking crisis. This was also noted also in Fall River and Union City. Other problems noted by PRIDE staff included that often clients had a reduction in interest between screening time and the time of enrollment and frequently clients had difficulty showing up for the services despite much effort from program staff to engage them. It is unclear whether this was due to the client discouragement about resources, reluctance to pursue help-seeking, or other difficulties during times of unemployment and stress that prevent adequate follow through and ultimately enrollment.

PRIDE also developed some new services. For example, they encouraged JOBS graduates to volunteer as a way to build their resume through conducting activities such as neighborhood canvassing and outreach in a type of on-the-job training arrangement. This resource for the PRIDE program and opportunity for the job-seeking volunteers would not have been possible without the funding to have PRIDE staff coordinate this effort. In addition, screening in the early months of the program indicated that nicotine addiction was a problem and smoking cessation support was an unmet need. An evidence-based program was introduced by the substance use agency. With the loss of grant funding, however, the only agency with funds to continue to provide the program is Corrections; thus, if a person in Lorain wants to quit smoking, s/he must contact the police department to do so. The loss of grant funding for this effort was called out as a particular loss to the community.

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