Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. Employment Services and Outcomes


This analysis focuses only on those complete cases where the discharge record showed the client received employment or training services. The number of complete cases for employment assessment by site is depicted in the second row of Table 4-4. Note that we have not included any analysis of the Union City youth since the primary focus of these young people is on finishing school, not entering the workforce.

Figure 4-19 depicts the clients' change in enrollment status in school or a job training program between intake and follow-up. Neither Lorain nor Union City indicated any marked increase in clients who were enrolled in such a program. In Fall River, however, the number of clients who were enrolled in school or a training program either part-time or full-time more than doubled during the 6 months that the clients were enrolled in the ASSIST program.

FIGURE 4-19 Percent of Clients Receiving Employment Training Who Were Enrolled in School or Job Training Program Full-Time or Part-Time


Figure 4-20 depicts clients' employment status at intake and follow-up for those individuals who received job training services through the programs. Across all three grantees, employment status showed a very favorable increase between the two points in time. While it is possible that the CRRI employment services made a strong contribution to these increases, we remind the reader that there has been significant recovery in the economy since the Great Recession, including a decline in the unemployment rate. Nevertheless, these gains are impressive and suggest that the CRRI clients were able to take advantage of employment opportunities as they became more available.

FIGURE 4-20 Percent of Clients Receiving Employment Training Reporting Full-Time or Part-Time Employment


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