Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. Challenges


Implementing the CRRI effort in Union City confronted several challenges. During the initial implementation there were some delays in filling all the staff positions. Hiring bilingual staff who would meet education and licensing standards was difficult and time consuming. Unfortunately this project did experience some staff turnover, a difficulty for a short-term program. Other difficulties included coping with obtaining supervision for some of the clinical staff and responding to staff turnover. Delays were also experienced in the launch of the media awareness campaign.

Service delivery was initially hampered by a long waiting list to obtain treatment although ultimately the addition of the CRRI grant staff decreased the length of the waiting period from 6 months to 2 weeks. Program challenges also included delay in launching the Strengthening Families. This was partly due to recruiting clients to participate in the lengthy classes. The length of the Strengthening Families parenting programs was not liked and project staff tried to alter how it was presented to reduce the time commitment. Even with these modifications, the program was not well received and staff ended it early. Staff also noted the challenge of an insufficient number of adolescent residential treatment options for behavioral health treatment. Finally, staff noted that meeting the requirements for follow-up interviews for the CRRI project was a challenge. This was difficult because finding some clients who received substance use services was often problematic due to many relocations experienced by the clients.

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