Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. 4.3. Outcomes Analysis


To begin exploring the impact of grantees' efforts, Westat looked first at those intakes for which there existed a follow-up record. Of the 1,538 records gathered at intake we have a total of 1,060 follow-up records in our dataset. The number and percentage of follow-up cases per site is highlighted in Table 4-2. Note that only for Fall River and Union City youth did the grantees meet SAMHSA's requirement for an 80 percent follow-up rate. Across all grantees' programs, the follow-up rate is 69 percent.

TABLE 4-2 Number of Intakes and Follow-Up Interviews, by Site

    Fall River     Lorain     Union City  
  Union City  
Number of intakes 286 458 554 240 1,538
Number of follow-up interviews 245 278 342 195 1,060
Percent of cases with follow-up records   86% 61% 62% 81% 69%


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