Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. 4. Individual and Community Data


This chapter presents findings from Westat's analysis of the full set (from January 2011 through June 2013) of grantees' SAIS data. We begin in Section 4.1 with a discussion of the program evaluation and a description of SAIS data records collected in all three sites. This is followed in Section 4.2 with an examination of the demographic profiles by site of all of the clients who had intake records. Here we highlight some interesting variations across sites, as well as an important finding related to client racial identification in one site. In Section 4.3, we focus solely on the cases for which there were follow-up interviews and our analysis looks at changes in health and employment status for this group. Section 4.4 presents an analysis of program effectiveness. Because of the way the SAIS data are collected, our analysis is restricted to those clients for whom we received a discharge interview record. We first look at the disposition of the discharges by site, reviewing the reasons offered for discharge (e.g., client terminated due to lack of participation, client moved). We then analyze the effectiveness of two program services: employment outcomes for those clients who received job supports and training, and reported changes in substance use and abuse for those clients who participated in substance use interventions. In Section 4.5 we review the community-level data, the approaches used by each of the three sites to gather this information, and the implications of these data for assessing community-level impact.

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