Community Resilience and Recovery Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. 3. Site Reports


Three locations were selected to implement the CRRI and all shared the characteristics of communities experiencing long-standing economic distress. Nevertheless, they were three distinct communities whose history and needs varied significantly. Through these grants, the cities were asked to implement a common screening program but were allowed to tailor the program to meet their unique circumstances. This resulted in what we can best describe as a "theme and variations" approach. Thematically, the sites shared similar strategies for managing staff, using the SBIRT model, conducting professional training, and collaborating with key community partners. In term of variations, the sites used different service delivery strategies and focused on very different populations. In this chapter, we present a site report for each of the grantees. These reports demonstrate the grantees' adherence to the basic concept of the CRRI grant, but also highlight the innovations that each brought to their effort.

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