Community Health Center Information Systems Assessment: Issues and Opportunities. Final Report. Endnotes


1 NORC’s Health Studies Department was recently renamed the Department of Health Survey, Program, and Policy Research to reflect its merger with the former Project Hope Center for Health Affairs group.

2 The term thin client generally refers to a very light-weight software application installed on a user's desktop that allows users to access networked applications. The advantage of a thin client is that they require little memory to run, require little storage space to install, and are easy to maintain in that they require little maintenance or upgrades after installation. In a thin client architecture, the client is used primarily to send requests for data to a server where all of the processing is done; the client receives the results and displays them to the user. The most ubiquitous example of a thin client is the web browser.

3 <>

4 Data obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Medical Assistance Program

5 Several of these additional health centers, including those in the Boston area’s Northeastern region belong to the Cambridge Health Alliance, which is not covered as part of this site visit.

6 Bureau of Primary Health Care CAP Grant Data, 2003

7 HRSA CAP Spotlight. Website on the Internet. Available from:

8 Virginia Coalition for Children’s Health. 2003. “Updating the Estimates: Uninsured Children Eligible for Virginia’s Child Health Insurance Programs.” <>

9 Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts Online. <> Retrieved March 8, 2004.

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