Community Health Center Information Systems Assessment: Issues and Opportunities. Final Report. Appendix B. Health Center Technology Domain and Data Domain Data Set Table


Technology Domain - Network and Network Services Infrastructure
Domain Component Site Information

1. Network Operating Software; Resource Management


2. Network Resources Inventory (eg, file, print servers, connected PCs)


3. LAN / WAN Architecture (including any logical and/or physical diagrams that are available)


4. Network Security and Disaster Recovery - Processes, Policies, Procedures, Technology (eg, firewalls, VPN)


5. Internet Connectivity (eg, ISP)


6. Other Connectivity (eg, local modem pool)


7. Storage (eg, file servers, storage area network, optical jukebox)


8. Telecommunications (hardware, provider(s))


9. Future Plans / Initiatives

Domain Component Site Information
Data Domain - Data and Data Services Infrastructure

1. Major domains of data managed (eg, financial / administrative, clinical)


2. Means of ensuring data confidentiality / privacy.


3. Use of interoperability standards for data communications between clinical applications; between clinic partners (eg, outside labs)


4. Method for storing data operationally (eg, database platform(s))


5. Method for storing data for archival purposes (eg, off-site tape storage)


6. Data reporting / decision support capabilities


7. Future Plans / Initiatives



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