CHIPRA Mandated Evaluation of Express Lane Eligibility: First Year Findings. D. Implementation Costs


  1. Thinking back to when ELE was first implemented, what data system changes, if any, were needed to implement ELE?
    1. About how many staff days (or what contractor costs) were required to make those changes?
    2. What is the salary range for a staff member responsible for data systems management?
    3. Are there any other reasons why these systems changes were made, or were they done solely to support ELE?
    4. Would any of these data systems changes be necessary to implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act?
  2. Please describe any training concerning ELE that occurred at implementation.
    1. How many people were involved in the training? What types of staff?
    2. How long did the training take to complete?
  3. Aside from staff training and data system enhancements, did any other major activities or processes occur in order to implement ELE?
  4. Please describe other eligibility or enrollment process initiatives (if any) that were implemented concurrently with or around the same time as ELE.
  5. Did ELE implementation take resources away from other activities? If so, what types of resources were diverted and which activities were postponed or deprioritized?

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