CHIPRA Mandated Evaluation of Express Lane Eligibility: First Year Findings. C. Marginal Impacts on Contracted Costs and Staff Time


  1. Which of the steps in the standard enrollment process (if any) are completed by a contracted vendor?
    1. Which steps in the ELE enrollment process are completed by a contracted vendor?
  2. How are those contractors reimbursed? Some potential examples include—on a per-application basis, a fixed contract price, or a cost-plus-fee basis.
    1. What changes in contractor reimbursement have occurred, if any, as a result of ELE?
  3. About how much time do staff spend completing each step in the standard application process?
  4. For steps that are unique to ELE, about how much time do staff spend completing each step for a new ELE application?
  5. What is the salary range for a staff member who processes enrollment applications (standard or ELE)?
  6. How many staff members are dedicated to managing ELE applications full time?
    1. How many staff members spend part of their time managing ELE applications? About what percentage of their time would you estimate is spent in managing ELE applications?
    2. Were any staff members newly hired to support ELE? Are there plans to hire anyone for such a position?
  7. Are there any new ongoing direct expenses associated with ELE enrollment? Some potential examples include new mailing expenses or printing costs for customized enrollment forms.

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