CHIPRA Mandated Evaluation of Express Lane Eligibility: First Year Findings. 6. Oregon


Oregon’s ELE program was effective as of September 2010. Each month, the Office of Healthy Kids (OHK), which administers the Medicaid and CHIP programs, screens children enrolled in SNAP against its database of publicly insured children. Families of SNAP children who lack public insurance are sent a shortened application form (with no questions about income and employment). Parents can return the form by mail or can contact OHK by telephone to have their children’s public health insurance eligibility assessed. Income reported to SNAP is used to establish eligibility and enroll children in Medicaid or CHIP. Occasionally, eligibility staff must obtain additional information, such as proof of medical insurance expiration or cancellation if a child is found to have private health insurance but appears to be otherwise CHIP-eligible. As of November 2011, about 4,600 enrollments had been processed through ELE.

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